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Here are some of the Reviews submitted by our fellow Mineral Makeup Addicts :

*new* For Beauty Bliss Cosmetics :

Love your site! I just had to send you a review for my NEW brand of Mineral Makeup!
I've been a long-time BE gal and have just loved the stuff. HOWEVER, I recently had some bloodwork and a complete hair analysis done. My hair analysis showed that I was off-the-charts with bismuth levels. I couldn't understand why, as I never use antacids. A little internet research led me to
www.beautyblisscosmetics.com where I read all about bismuth in most mineral makeups. A quick check of the ingredients to my beloved BE products, and almost every darned one of them contains bismuth.
Being curious, I thought I'd order some Beauty Bliss products in the wonderful and inexpensive sample sizes..........WOW, love the stuff! I was distressed about giving up me BE, but not any more! Beauty Bliss is much better and you also get much more product for your money! The foundations are so smooth and silky on your face (Cafe is my color), the Mattifier is an absolute dream to soak up the extra oil on my skin, and the Deep Bliss EASILY replaces my old veil and bisque from the other company.
There are so VERY many colors to choose from with the shadows, blushes and foundations. Every single thing I've tried keeps me saying, "Oh, I love this stuff!" With generous and inexpensive samples, there is no reason to order a wrong color. Shipping is pretty quick, too...about a week's turnaround time from order to doorstep.
Great stuff! Loving my new mineral makeup brand!
~Donna Herto

*new* For Beauty Bliss Cosmetics ( looks like we have a majority here! ) :

Hi Juliet,

Just wanted to share a very good experience I had with Beauty Bliss Cosmetics.
I have been trying different brands of mineral makeup, and was bothered by itching. So I started to surfing the Internet, and came upon Lynn Starner's Beauty Tips, while searching for information on Bismuth Oxychloride. She had great information on all the ingredients that are used in the making of mineral makeup. She does not use Bismuth Oxychloride in her products. I decided to try her makeup. I have no itching and the makeup feels great.

Happy Beauty Bliss Customer,

Gloria Laliberte

For Beauty Bliss Cosmetics :

"I am completely converted to her foundation, blush, correctors, eye shadows and mineral primer. I use Pure Bliss, Matte and regular foundation and a variety of her blushes. I have used liquid foundation primers in the past. The trouble with them is that if you don't wait long enough for them to absorb, they ball up on your face as you apply foundation. I am very happy with Pure Bliss. It evens out my skin tone (very important for us Rosesa ladies) and gives the skin a light glow. I apply either matte or regular foundation over the mineral primer and my skin looks great. And stays looking great all day!

I also enjoy mixing different colors of mineral foundation to get just the right color for my skin. This is a great plus for me, since I have had such a hard time finding the exact shade for my skin. With Mineral makeup, I can change the shade slightly to compensate for changes in my skin color during the year. Also, as we get older, our skin changes color, and it is nice to be able to tweak the foundation color without buying a whole new color.

I have a light complexion and I have found that Beauty Bliss Cosmetics are sheer enough for me to tailor my applications to fit my coloring. I look healthy, not made up.

As you can see, I am very excited about this make up line. I appreciate all the advice that Lynn freely offers to her customers. I really like the sample sizes. Samples save me money and allow me to experiment at a reasonable price.

Thanks for the opportunity to review Beauty Bliss cosmetics."

Sally Chapman

For Beauty Bliss Cosmetics :

"I just wanted to write a review on beauty bliss makeup. I love it. I have acne and scars and this makeup covers everything. I have tried other well know names in the mineral makeup but they did not cover my acne or scars as well and made me itch. I tried this brand and love it and for anyone considering it , they sell samples and I encou rage you to get them. Also try their finishing sealer pure bliss. I put this on over the minerals and it makes my skin look flawless. Really and I have acne. I have had comments about my skin when I wear this make up and they dont know I have acne. Cool!!! Since I have been wearing this makup my skin has been looking a lot better. My acne has heald up and I dont have breakouts as offten. Another bonus with mineral makup."

- April

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